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Making India ATMANIRBHAR in Precision Resistors and supplying all over the world

Medical Electronics Equipments

SMD Resistor for Medical Electronics. Accurate and stable instrumentation in the medical field requires the ability to detect very small signals without producing false readings. For the complement of chip resistors surrounding the operational amplifier and anywhere else resistors are needed in medical applications, the preferred choice of device is Vishay Foil.

chip resistors for medical electronics

Customer Requirements

● Reliable measurements of motor control are necessary to perform injections at the precise location

● High speed response necessary to perform given task

● Low sensitivity to short-time overload

● Surface mount to preserve limited real estate

● 4 pad Kelvin connection desired as a way to improve accuracy

Key Benefits

● Temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR):
❍ ±0.05 ppm/ºC (0ºC to +60ºC) typical with Z-Foil
❍ ±0.2 ppm/ºC (-55ºC to +125ºC, +25ºC ref.) typical with Z-Foil

● Resistance tolerance to ±0.01%

● Power Coefficient of Resistance (PCR) “∆R due to self heating”: 5 ppm at rated power with Z-Foil

● Electrostatic discharge (ESD) at least to 25 kV

● Overload Capability (6.25 X rated power, 5 seconds) <0.005% (50 ppm)

● Rise Time: 1 ns without ringing

● Structure and process provides low sensitivity to moisture

● Non-inductive, non-capacitive image design

● Current noise: 0.010 μVRMS/V of applied voltage (<-40 dB)

● Thermal stabilization time <1s (nominal value achieved within 10 ppm of steady state value)

● Matched sets are available upon request

● Vishay Foil resistors are not restricted to standard values; specific “as required” values can be supplied at no extra cost or delivery (e.g. 1K2345 vs. 1K)

● Lead (Pb) free, gold and tin/lead terminations available

SeriesProductDescriptionResistance RangeToleranceTCR ppm/°CRated Power @70°CDatasheet
CSM2512 & CSM3637

Metal strip chip resistor1mΩ to 200mΩ±0.1% to ±1%±15Up to 3WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
CSM2512S &CSM3637S
Current sensing chip resistor10mΩ to 100mΩ±0.1% to ±1%±15Up to 2W
CSM3637PImproved power metal strip resistor3mΩ to 100mΩ±0.1% to ±1%±15Up to 5WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
Current sensing chip resistor3mΩ to 50mΩ±0.1%±5Up to 3W
VCS16104-terminal Current sensing chip resistor0.1Ω to 1Ω±0.5% to ±1%±20.25WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS1610Z4-terminal Current sensing chip resistor0.3Ω to 1Ω±0.5% to ±1%±0.20.25WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon

4-terminal Current sensing chip resistor10mΩ to 10Ω±0.5% to ±2%±20.5WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS1625PZ-foil current sensing chip resistor10mΩ to 10Ω±0.1% to ±2%±21WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS1625ZZ-foil current sensing chip resistor0.3Ω to 10Ω±0.2% to ±2%±0.20.5WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS1625ZPZ-foil current sensing chip resistor0.3Ω to 10KΩ±0.2% to ±2%±0.21WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VPR220S & VPR221STO-220 power resistor (2/4-terminal)5Ω to 10KΩ±0.01% to ±1%±28W on heat sink,1.5W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
TO-220 precision power resistors (2/4-terminal)5Ω to 10KΩ±0.01% to ±1%±0.28W on heat sink,1.5W in free air
VCS201, VCS202 Conformally Coated Precision Current Sensing Resistors5mΩ to 0.2Ω±0.1% to ±5%±101.5W to 2WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS232Power current sensing resistor0.2Ω to 500Ω±0.02% to ±5%±22WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS232ZPower current sensing resistor0.25Ω to 500Ω±0.02% to ±1%±0.22WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS301, VCS302 4-Terminal power current sensing resistor5mΩ to 0.25Ω±0.5% to ±5%±310W on heat sink,3W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VCS331, VCS332 4-Terminal power current sensing resistor0.25Ω to 500Ω±0.1% to ±5%±110W on heat sink,3W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VFP3, VFP4 Molded Power Current Sensing Resistors50mΩ to 80KΩ±0.01% to ±5%±210W on heat sink,3W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VHP3, VHP4, VPR247 Hermetically Sealed Molded Power Current Sensing Resistors50mΩ to 80KΩ±0.01% to ±5%-10W on heat sink,3W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
DSMSMD molded voltage divider100Ω to 20KΩ±0.01% to ±0.05%±20.05W per element


SMD molded voltage divider100Ω to 10KΩ±0.01% to ±0.05%±0.20.05W per elementAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
SMN4- Resistor Network Dual-In-Line Molded Package 50 MIL Pitch100Ω to 20KΩ±0.01% to ±0.05%±20.1W per elementAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
4-Resistor Surface Mount Network Dual-In-Line Molded Package100Ω to 10KΩ±0.01% to ±0.05%±0.20.1W per element

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