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Hermetically Sealed Resistors

SeriesProductDescriptionResistance RangeToleranceTCR
Rated Power @70°CDatasheet
H-Series (VHA Series & VHP202)H Series Foil ResistorH Series - Oil Filled Hermetically Sealed Ultra Precision5Ω to 1.84MΩ±0.001% to ±1%±2ppm0.3W to 2.5WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
HZ Series (Z-Foil) with Zero TCRHZ Series Foil ResistorHermetically sealed Z- Foil Resistors5Ω to 1.1MΩ±0.001% to ±1%±0.050.3W to 2.5WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
SMNHSMNH Resistor Network4 -Resistor Surface Mount Hermetic Network5Ω to 33KΩ±0.005% to ±0.01%±20.1W per elementAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VHD144 & VHD200
Voltage DividersHermetically Sealed, Small Package, Voltage Dividers
100Ω to 20KΩ±0.005% to ±1%±20.2WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VHP100, VHP101, VHP102 & VHP103 Low TCR ResistorsHermetically Sealed Resistor with Almost Zero TCR100Ω to 150KΩ±0.005% to ±1%±10.3WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VHP3, VHP4, VPR247 Low TCR Resistors, current sensingHermetically Sealed Molded Power Current Sensing Resistors50mΩ to 80KΩ±0.01% to ±5%-10W on heat sink,3W in free airAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VHS102, VH102K and VHS555 Low TCR ResistorsHermetic version of the molded S102C,S102K &S555 devices 1Ω to 150KΩ±0.005% to ±1%±1,±2,±5 0.6WAdobe-PDF-Document-icon
VSM40, 42, 45, 46 (8, 14, and 16 Pin Side)
Low TCR ResistorsHermetic Resistor Networks in Gull Wing Configuration5Ω to 80KΩ±0.005%±2-0Adobe-PDF-Document-icon
VSM85, 86, 87, 88, 89 Hermetic Resistor NetworksHermetic Resistor Networks in Leadless Chip Carrier (LCC) Configuration5Ω to 80KΩ±0.005%±2-0Adobe-PDF-Document-icon

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